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MACHI is a new Japanese language school where is located in the very heart of the city center in Kanazawa.
Head of School's Welcome​

Thank you for your interest in MACHI Japanese Academy (MACHI). MACHI is a Japanese language school where is located in the heart of the city center, Korinbo in Kanazawa.

Kanazawa became the world’s first nominated city at the field of crafts and folk art of UNESCO in 2009. With the rich history of Samurai culture and ZEN thinking, Kanazawa remains many traditional arts, crafts and architecture! Kanazawa is the ideal location for learning Japanese language and knowing Japanese traditional culture.


​MACHI is focusing on beginner/Elementary level of Japanese learners. All classes are small classes with a good mix of nationalities. The backgrounds of the school's students are  mainly university lecturers, researchers and their wives/husbands, doctoral students, master's students, English teachers, and already retired people in the area. Thus, the atomosphere is very mature and students study seriously. Also, we are very close to all the main attractions, including the shopping streets, restaurants, museums, art galleries, historic buildings, and beautiful rivers. MACHI students are able to enjoy the life in Kanazawa during their stay. Please have fun learning Japanese language in Kanazawa!


We look forward to meeting you and hope to make your stay a wonderful experience!



Tomokazu Ishimura

​Head of School


Kanazawa has maintained rows of historical houses, traditional handicrafts and traditional performing arts.
Why choose Kanazawa?

You will soon feel like at home and be able to relax in the traditional Japanese way of life in Kanazawa.

The city was constructed by Maeda family 420 years ago. Maeda family was the second biggest Samurai feudal lords next to Tokugawa shogun (a central governor) at Edo period (1600-1867). Since Maeda family supported many regional crafts and arts, Kanazawa became one of the richest cities as to the traditional culture in Japan. Kanazawa city is quite modern and developed, but still remains the legacy of a

hundred- year architectures such as Samurai and Geisha old buildings.​

Now, Kanazawa is the biggest city in the Hokuriku region. As the capital city of Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa is located just over 2.5 hours by bullet train from Tokyo, 2.5 hours by express train from Osaka/Kyoto and 3 hours by express train from Nagoya. The region is one of the popular Japanese tourist destinations, thanks to its rich mixture of culture, beauty, charm. This region is surrounded by spectacular countryside, mountains and the Japan Sea.  Kanazawa combines the excitement of a large city with the friendliness of a close community. More than 400 years cultural background will make you a valuable experience.

(Photo credit: Kanazawa City)



Experience is the best teacher! Let's study together everyday and custom makes all things easy!

Graduate of Sheffield Univ. (MSc in East Asian Business), Graduate of Sendagaya Japanese Institute



Graduate of Kanazawa Univ.(BA), Graduate of Arc Academy(Japanese)

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Stay Kanazawa,Study Japanese Language!
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