Promotion / 特惠專案

~Stay Kanazawa, Study Japanese!~

Monthly promotion :

(Course & accommodation package)

A:   96,000 yen /   90 min per day

B: 126,000 yen / 180 min per day

C: 151,000 yen / 180 min per day + 45 min private lessons (10 times)

*  4 weeks general course: Small class (1 - 6 students), lessons from Mon to Fri

**  4 weeks accommodation: Price is including utility fees & water fee. (Winter 7,000 yen up), Check in: Sunday afternoon, Check out: Saturday morning

***  Pick up places: Kanazawa station or Korinbo bus station, Pick up Komatsu airport by car is 15,000 yen (One way).

​Promotion detail

A. 90 min group lessons per day :

Monthly promotion : 96,000 yen

B. 180 min group lessons per day :

Monthly promotion : 126,000 yen

C. 180 min group lessons per day & 45 min private lessons/10 times

Monthly promotion : 151,000 yen

・Additional costs :

2020 Calendar :

・ Additional discount : 

Continuous discounting: We will discount 7,000 yen for students who keep studying monthly promotion courses. 


・Additional costs if necessary

2021 Calendar :

・Due to the utility cost is up, promotion fee is up some month. Please understand.

 Jul/Aug: 4,000 yen up

Dec/Jan/Feb: 7,000 yen up


 7月/8月: 4,000 yen up

12月/1月/2月: 7,000 yen up


・Over 3 month residence: Students can pay utility cost by himself/herself, please talk to school staff.

​ 3か月以上滞在し、自分で支払いたい場合は、学校に問い合わせをしてください。

・Accommodation 1 week : 7 days 6 nights(Check in:Sunday / Check out: Saturday)

If you arrive in Kanazawa or leave Kanazawa on different days, extra nights will be charged.Please contact school to check availability.


・MACHI students rooms are MACHI Japanese Academy' own property.

    Since we have to follow the Japanese residential rule, students are necessary for monthly contract.  Students are not allowed to stay less than a couple of days or a few weeks stay.

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