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​Small Group Lessons

♪MACHI Japanese Academy offers several Japanese language group lessons in the morning. Classes are small and less the 4 students (Avg. 1-2 students). Lessons are fun, relax, friendly atmosphere and  are focusing on daily life conversation with key grammars. Students are learning a key grammar and building vocabularies each 70 min lessons twice a week in the weekday morning.  

Morning class, 70 min

  09:30-10:40 or 10:50-12:00

     Twice a week

 ①Beginner class, N5

 ②Elementary 1 class, N5/N4

 ③Elementary 2 class, N4

 ④Pre-intermediate class, N4/N3

 ⑤Intermediate class, N3

 ⑥Upper-intermediate class, N2

 ⑦Advanced class, N1

 ⑧Proficiency class, Passed N1

Course Textbooks

 ①まるごと 日本のことばと文化 入門

 ②まるごと 日本のことばと文化 初級1

 ③まるごと 日本のことばと文化 初級2

​ ④まるごと 日本のことばと文化 初中級


​ ⑥中級日本語カルテット2

MJA Group lessons.jpg

Course fees

  20 lessons:  33,000 yen

Course Requirement

 Small group lessons, 1- 4 students

    Lessons are twice a week.

 Students are able to join anytime.

 Courses starts form 1 person.

 Classroom lessons has a priority.

 Watching recorded lessons is available.

 National holiday is no group lessons.

■Timetable (Example)

​●Relax and friendly atmosphere♪

●Small classes, less than 4 students (Avg. 1-2 students)

​●At the time of absent, students can study with on-demand recording.​

​*If you would like to check the class level, please come to school in advance. Or we will check the level online by Google meet or Skype.  ★Reservation is necessary in advance.

​*We record the video of the lessons each time. At the time of absent, students are able to study with on-demand learning. The recording is focusing on the teacher and the white bord. We will not record the students face. Recording is used for our school material only.

まるごと 初級2.jpg
★JLPT class (evening)
 Level : N5, N4, N3, N2, N1

​70 min × 10 Lessons:¥23,000

Date: Once a week, weekday

   Apr, May, Jun or Sep, Oct, Nov

Each time: 60 mins,

   18:00~19:10 or 19:30~20:40

​Number of lessons:10 lessons

Class size: 1 to 4 students

Contents: JLPT preparation 


Print: Including course fee

■Timetable (Example)

MJA で一緒に楽しく勉強しましょう!​​


Your Japanese Language School ♪
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