General Course (Small Group Lesson)

● Each time : 90 min. class or 180 min. class

● Lesson date : Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. and Fri.

● Class size : Less than 6 students

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​If a students need an accommodation for stay, promotion price is available. Please click here

*There is a toilete break time during the 90 min lesson.

*General course lessons may include school field trips.

★Registration fee 5,000 yen

★Cost of textbooks: 2,000 yen ~ 4,070 yen

Private Course

● Each lesson : 45 minutes

Please select a course system between monthly fee system or  intensive short term lessons system.

​◇Monthly fee system

*90 min lesson (45 min × 2 lessons) is also available.

(Toilet Break time)

​◇Intensive short term lessons system

★Registration fee 5,000 yen

★Cost of textbooks: Actual cost

Semi-Private Course

● 2 people

10%  Discount Now!

★Registration fee 5,000 yen

★Cost of textbooks: Actual cost

Lessons at Your Office

★Please contact school.

★Cost of textbooks: Actual cost

● Available : Ishikawa ken (all area) and Toyama ken (Gosei area)

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