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★ MACHI student room

A room is fully furnished with home appliances with cleand bedding sets.  Monthly fees from 88,000 yen ~ including utility fees (Electicity fee, Gas fee and Water fee).  MACHI students are able to stay a bright, quiet and large room (24㎡~31㎡) with own mini-kitchen, own shower room and own toilet. 

Also, the room is located in the city center and very convenient location close to the school.  A supermarket is within 5 minutes from the room.  The environment is very quiet and the park is nearby.  Therefore, the room keeps their privacy and quiet.  MACHI students can start a new life easily from the first day of school.

・Monthly contract (88,000 yen~)

    (At least one month~ 12 month)

・No guarantor

・No gratitude fee (Reikin : thank you money)

・Fully furnished room for rent

・Room with home appliances

・No transportation cost

・Twin room/single room available

​・2nd floor or higher

・25 min walking to school

​・Near supermarket (Mini Maruei)

・Near drug store (Sugi drug store)

・Near convenience store (Lowson, FamiMar)

・Near 100 yen shop (Watts, Can-do)

・Near Bookshops (Tsutaya, Utsunomiya, Sanseido)

・Near coffee shops (Starbucks, many local shops)

● Monthly stay in Kanazawa

MJA provide own monthly rental accommodation for MACHI students, ELT (English Language Teacher), ALT (Assistant Language Teacher), Exchange students, and a foreign people who would like to stay over a month in Kanazawa. This monthly apartment rooms are located in a very convenient place in Kanazawa city center and close to school, only 10 to 20 minutes on foot.

★ Student single room for rent

All rooms are owned by MJA and these Japan's typical self-catering residence rooms includes a bed room, a private mini kitchen, a private shower room, a private toilet, and a small balcony. Also, our monthly rental rooms equip with room furniture, home appliance, kitchen stuff and daily necessities. From first day in Kanazawa, foreign residents can study comfortably and relax with their own time and space, also cooking meals by themselves to save cost of stay in Japan.

★ Standard equipment (A to F)
​A. Room facility
B. Room furniture

Cleaned  bedding sets:

*Bed sheets, Bed pad, Blanket, Blanket cover, Pillow and Pillow cover
*Winter time: Winter blanket, winter bed pad

C. Appliances
D. Kitchen stuff
​E. Cleaning tools
F. Daily necessities*
* Please refill by yourself  if used all.
* We prepared shampo/rinse a few days.
   Please purchase by yourself in drug store.
● Room information for rent

-Room 2 (Honda machi, 3 chome) :

Quiet and near Museum. Twin room but a single use is also available. High speed internet and wifi is available.

-Room 5 (Kodatsuno 2 chome) :

Quiet and near Ishikawa Prefectural Library. Good place for study. It takes 25  min on foot from a room to school. Kanazawa Machi-Nori (Kanazawa City Electric bicycle rental service: 1,650 yen/month)is convenient.

*Students only need own hand towel, bath towel and cosmetics.

*At the using a twin room, the price is different because of increasing utility fees.

*At the Summer/winter time, we required an additional 300 yen per day for utility fees.

★Deposit(30,000 yen): we will check the room before customer checked-out. Deposit will be return to customers if the room is keeping clean and only need basic cleaning. If the room need special cleaning or mending, deposit will be used for that.

​★Cleaning fee (20,000 yen):Each time, students need to pay cleaning fee for maintaining a room clean and sanitary for next students. To maintain a room clean, three cleaner staffs are cleaning after a student leaving.

● Guest house / hotel etc.

 Short term students might stay a hotel or various guest houses. When a student stay a hotel or guest house, please inform us accommodation name.


We recommend a students to stay a clean place. One MJA student stayed a cheap quadruple room which is unspecified number of people can stay day by day and had a serious skin trouble. Please stay a own single room with a bed and a table! 


Thank you for your understanding.


1F, Sakura-machi Haitsu, Sakura-machi 22-28,

Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0923, Japan




(Language: English, Chinese, Japanese)

Office Hours

9:00-21:00 (Weekday) 

9:00-20:00 (Saturday)

    Close      (Sunday)

★Reservation is necessary for school visit.

Student accommodation
MACHI/MJA student rooms
Your Japanese Language School ♪
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