● MJA student room

MJA student room is the specific accommodation for our students. Rooms are located in a very convenient place in Kanazawa city center and close to school, only 15 minutes on foot. Each room is including kitchen, shower room, toilet, bed and balcony. Students can study comfortably and relax with their own space, also cooking meals by themselves to save cost of stay in Japan.

・Monthly contract (At least one month)

・MJA students can stay  a room without guarantor

・English teacher in Kanazawa is also available

・Selecting twin room or single room

​・All rooms are upper than 2nd floor

・Approx. 15 to 25 min on foot or 5 to 10 min by bicycle

​・Near supermarkets, 100 yen shop and convenience stores

・Room facility:

    kitchen, toilet, bath room and balcony


    table, Chair, desk light, bed and drying rack

・Electric appliances:

    TV, refrigerator, washing machine and air-conditioning

・Cleaning tools:

    vacuum cleaner and floor wiper

・Kitchen stuff:

    microwave, oven, saucepan, dishes, cup etc.

・Available for paying utility fees by yourself for long term contract

● Room information

-Room A (1 chome, Nomachi) :

A large room. Convenient place but facing busy, lively street. Therefore a room is setting up double window.

-Room B (3 chome, Honda machi) :

Quiet and near Museum. Twin room but a single use is available. (12,000 yen higher). Dehumidifier is in a room.

-Room C (2 chome, Hikiso machi) :

Quiet and near Kanazawa station. It takes 25  min on foot from a room to school. Bicycle rental (3,000 yen per month) or bus commuting (Single way :100 yen ) might  be necessary.

-Room D (2 chome, Hikiso machi) :

Quiet and near Omicho market (Fish market). But no washing machine inside room. Coin laundry machine at 1st floor. (5,000 yen lower)

Student accommodation
MACHI/MJA student rooms

★Deposit(30,000 yen): we will check the room before customer checked-out. Deposit will be return to customers if the room is keeping clean and only need basic cleaning. If the room need special cleaning or mending, deposit will be used for that.

​★Cleaning fee (12,000 yen):Each time, students need to pay cleaning fee for maintaining a room clean and sanitary for next students. To maintain a room clean, three cleaner staffs are cleaning after a student leaving.

★Room condition: At least one month contract for staying accommodation room!

● Guest house / hotel etc.

 Short term students might stay a hotel or various guest houses. When a student stay a hotel or guest house, please inform us accommodation name.


We recommend a students to stay a clean place. One MJA student stayed a cheap quadruple room which is unspecified number of people can stay day by day and had a serious skin trouble. Please stay a own single room with a bed and a table! 


Thank you for your understanding.


Korinbo First building 2nd Floor,

Kata-machi 1-1-29, Kanazawa-shi,

Ishikawa 920-0981 Japan






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