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Welcom to MACHI Japanese

Study Japanese in small classes and friendly environment at the MACHI Japanese Academy. MJA is located in the heart of the city in Kanazawa. We offer small group lessons for elementary learner and our lesson is focusing on daily life conversation with key grammars. Students are able to stay school accomodation and focus on studying Japanese language during the stay in Kanazawa.  Please join our course and enjoy your life at traditional cultural city, Kanazawa !

Students come from~

UK (England, Scotland), Taiwan, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, China(Hong Kong, Macao), 

Korea, Philippines, Thailand, USA, Australia, Serbia, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Austria, Italy, Colombia, New Zealand, Brazil, Norway, Russia, Canada, Venezuela,  Greece, Iceland, Palestine, Germany, Lithuania, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Ukraine, Lebanon,

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Students Profession

English Teacher                 30%


    ・Local High school

    ・Local Junior High school



    ・Amity  etc.

Researcher                         30%

 ・Kanazawa Uni.


    ・Hokuriku Uni.

    ・KIT/ICT  etc.

Retiree                                 20%

    ・Company owner


    ・Medical company

    ・IT company

Students/Others                20%

 ・Kanazawa Uni.


    ・Kanazawa Arts&Craft Uni.

    ・Hokuriku Uni.

    ・KIT  etc.

Working holiday                   0%

 ・Hong Kong

​ ・Taiwan

Students Age Groups

Less than 18                       0%

19 - 34                                  30%

35 - 49                                  30%

50 - 82                                  40%

Students Area

Europe                               40%

America                                25%

Taiwan/Hong Kong             15%

AU/NZ                                   10%

China/Others                         5%

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MACHI Japanese Academy offer Spring courses on  weekdays and weekends this year! Students can study in the classroom or on-demand learning. ​School are recording all group lessons. So, at the time of absent, students can study with on-demand learning. ​Please join our class! 

★Weekday class
★Weekend class

Small group lessons! 

8-12 weeks program

Beginner Class

Elementary class  

Intermediate class

JLPT Grammar class  

Private courses

 (1 to 1 Lesson)

Time : 09:00~22:00

-Online lesson available!

-Lessons focus on conversation

    Welcome Beginner students! 

-Various topics available

    History, culture, politics, etc.

-Teaching by both Japanese and English

  Easy & quick understanding!

-Business Japanese conversation

    Presentation practice

    Interview practice

-Business Training

 Business facilitation

 Logical thinking

    Join class after work!

-Preparation support for going to postgraduate school

 Essay, Dissertation, Proposal, etc.

-Academic study support

 Elementary school

 Junior high school

 High school


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Your Japanese Language School ♪
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